Vincent, François, Paul and the Others, 1974

Somewhere between the idealism of youth and the nostalgia of old age lies regret, and it is at this life’s juncture that we find three lifelong friends in Claude Sautet’s poignant film, Vincent, François, Paul and the Others. Every Sunday, friends and family congregate at Paul (Serge Reggiani) and Julia’s (Antonella Lualdi) house in the […]

Versailles, 2008

The woods surrounding the Palace of Versailles serves as a real-life metaphor for the stark disparity between wealth and poverty, privilege and exclusion in Pierre Schöller’s sobering and unsentimental tale of two cities, Versailles. At the heart of Schöller’s social interrogation is the plight of a young homeless boy, Enzo (Max Baissette de Malglaive) who, […]

Ma Saison préferée, 1993

André Téchiné’s films exist in a rarefied atmosphere between idyllic nostalgia and haunting memory. Ma Saison Préferée is the bittersweet story of Emilie (Catherine Deneuve), a successful, repressed, middle aged business woman, sensitively told through the banality of everyday life: a pervasive, uncomfortable silence during family dinner; a vague conversation with her degeneratively ill mother […]

Change of Plans, 2009

From the opening images of Change of Plans, Danièle Thompson illustrates the intersection between personal and public spaces, initially, in the title sequence shot of a flamenco class in which a distracted, rhythm-challenged attorney, Marie-Laurence (Karin Viard) tries to keep up with – and out of the way of – other people, and subsequently, a […]