Claude Sautet

Un Cœur en hiver, 1992

Un Cœur en hiver is a sublimely sensual and sophisticated love story. Camille, a concert violinist (Emmanuelle Beart) is intrigued by her lover Maxim’s (Andre Dussollier) business partner, Stephane (Daniel Auteuil). Stephane is a methodical repairer of fine musical instruments. He is precise in his craft, silent, and enigmatic. Noticing a string buzz on her… read more »

Vincent, François, Paul and the Others, 1974

Somewhere between the idealism of youth and the nostalgia of old age lies regret, and it is at this life’s juncture that we find three lifelong friends in Claude Sautet’s poignant film, Vincent, François, Paul and the Others. Every Sunday, friends and family congregate at Paul (Serge Reggiani) and Julia’s (Antonella Lualdi) house in the… read more »

Les choses de la vie, 1969

An early episode in Les choses de la vie shows a young man, Bertrand Bérard (Gérard Lartigau), politely demonstrating to his attentive father Pierre (Michel Piccoli) his latest novelty invention: an electronic bird call sound synthesizer that is programmable to a variety of frequency settings. Pierre appears skeptical of the potential market for such an… read more »