Naomi Kawase

Katatsumori, 1994

While shadows and empty spaces pervade Naomi Kawase’s search for her absent father in Embracing, the images in Katatsumori are tactile and suffused in light – a stark contrast that conveys Kawase’s deep affection towards her 80 year old maternal great aunt and adoptive mother, Uno. In hindsight, the implied coldness of the film’s preface… read more »

Embracing, 1992

Naomi Kawase’s Embracing is both an evocation of, and disjunction from, Jonas Mekas’s diaristic memory films, a journey in search of a lost past through the empty spaces and resigned silence of an unreconciled – and incomplete – present. This sense of absence and longing is revealed in the film’s opening sequence: the sight of… read more »