Yim Ho

Kitchen, 2003

Kitchen opens to the wistful narration of an eccentric and irresponsible, but affable young Hong Kong hairdresser named Louie (Jordan Chan) who, as the film begins, has traveled to a quaint Chinese province in the rain to attend the funeral of a friend and former client. Concerned over the plight and well-being of the elderly… read more »

The Day the Sun Turned Cold, 1994

A somber and methodical young man named Guan Jian (Tuo Zhong Hua) enters a bustling metropolitan police station and, without a scheduled appointment, asks for a personal meeting with the chief inspector (Hu Li) in order to file a formal complaint against a “village housewife” named Pu Fengying (Siqin Gowa) who, he unsentimentally admits, is… read more »

Red Dust, 1990

In 1938, a beautiful and imaginative aspiring writer, Shen Shao-Hua (Brigitte Lin) leaves home following the death of her father to start a new life, as Japanese soldiers march into town to reinforce the occupation of China. Having spent her early years of adulthood imprisoned by her embittered father in the attic, Shao-Hua created a… read more »