Swiss Cinema

Charles, Dead or Alive, 1969

On the 100th anniversary of the Dé family’s watch factory, the third generation owner and company president, Charles (François Simon), is awkwardly (and reluctantly) greeted with a venerated speech delivered by an obliging worker for the benefit of a rolling television camera. Overcome with a sudden bout of anxiety, Charles abruptly retreats for the nearest… read more »

Mütter, 2002

Miklòs Gimes presents a fascinating, sincere, provocative, but oddly sterile portrait of his parents’ political activism and personal relationship during the turbulent and uncertain landscape of postwar Hungary in Mütter. The film opens with the 1989 national broadcast of Hungary’s official burial ceremony at the Budapest Heroes Square that included the filmmaker’s father, journalist and… read more »

Les Petites Couleurs, 2002

The ambassador of Switzerland, Christian Blickenstorfer and filmmaker Patricia Plattner were on hand to provide introductory remarks (along with a subsequent wine and cheese reception at the gallery) to the opening night feature, Les Petites Couleurs, a simple, effervescent, and charming comedy that centers on a beautiful hairdresser named Christelle (Anouk Grinberg) as she rebuilds… read more »

Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000, 1975

Alain Tanner’s Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 is a thoughtful, compassionate, funny, and provocative ensemble drama on the contemporary fate of several May 68 activists as their post-radical lives converge on an idyllic suburban organic farm: a proofreader named Max (Jean-Luc Bideau) who attempts to subvert the actions of an opportunistic… read more »

Romeo and Juliette in the Village, 1941

Hans Trommer and Valerien Schmidely’s social realist peasant drama, Romeo and Juliette in the Village is a well-photographed, but ultimately contrived and non-cohesive tale of the failed romantic destiny of young lovers Vreneli and Sali who are separated by their families’ financially devastating legal dispute over an interstitial tract of land between their respective farms…. read more »