Program 10: Bright Future

War at a Distance (Harun Farocki) Expounding on Farocki’s familiar themes of production and warfare (particularly in the depopulated, automated factory assembly line integration processes of Images of the World and the Inscription of War), War at a Distance is a brilliant, intelligently reasoned, and provocative video essay on the interrelation, not only between war […]

Program 11: Mike Kelley

Although illustrating versatility in both technique and content, I found Kelley’s films particularly repellant. The first is Out O’ Actions, a split-screen installation commissioned as a Visitor’s Gallery installation for the inaugural exhibition of Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object 1949-1979). The short film is presented in delirious, rapid fire fast-forward playback of […]

Program 12: Foreign Affairs

Program 12: Foreign Affairs How to Fix the World (Jacqueline Goss) Goss approaches the social implications of cultural integration with humor and incisive observation in the delightful short film, How to Fix the World, an animated sketch drawn from A.R. Luria’s cognitive studies of the rural villagers of the Ferghana Valley in the former Soviet […]

Program 12: Life Is a Dream

Robots of Sodom and Every Evening Freedom (Tom Kalin) Two video excerpts from a larger work in progress entitled Behold Goliath or The Boy With the Filthy Laugh based on the experimental fiction of Alfred Chester, Robots of Sodom (from In Praise of Vespasian) and Every Evening Freedom (from Behold Goliath) are composed primarily of […]

Shall We Dance?

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan: Hybrid (Yvonne Rainer) Juxtaposing a series of narrative text that describe the evolution of art and culture in fin-de-siècle Vienna (using historically analytical sources such as Carl Schorske’s Fin-de Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture, Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities, Volume 1, and Allan Janik and Stephen Toulmin’s […]

Program 9: Intimations of Mortality

A Silent Day (Takashi Ito) A Silent Day is an appropriately wordless, yet poetic and instinctually cohesive fictionalized autobiographical journal of a young filmmaker who roams through the desolate streets of a suburban city, occasionally acting out her inner demons through a metaphorically soulless, ambiguously inexpressive marionette. Suicide (Shelly Silver) A similarly themed video journal […]