The Magic Gloves, 2003

From a seemingly innocuous encounter between a gregarious musician who goes by the stage name Piranha and an impassive and unambitious cab driver, Alejandro, whom he recognizes (perhaps mistakenly) as his brother’s childhood friend, Martín Rejtman creates an effervescent comedy of errors as the well-intentioned Piranha and his equally enthusiastic wife attempt to reunite Alejandro with his recently estranged ex-girlfriend, leading to an ever complicating and unraveling web of romantic entanglements and concocted schemes in the pursuit of holistic well-being and self-improvement that culminates in a seemingly fool-proof venture to market one-size-fits-all magic gloves. Unfolding with the droll, gentle humor of Aki Kaurismäki’s tragicomic fables fused with the situational absurdity of a subdued Pedro Almodóvar, The Magic Gloves is a lighthearted, gentle, and unassuming human comedy on the mundane rituals of everyday life.

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