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January 5, 2010

Film Comment Selects 2010 Partial Schedule

Thanks to FSLC's new bimonthly calendar format mailer, viewers now get a sneak peek at the Film Comment Selects schedule in February. FCS runs into March this year and according to the mailer, the tail end will also include Lu Chuan's City of Life and Death, which is bound to be a highlight. The series is running from 2/19 to 3/4. Here's the list of screenings through 2/28:

Friday, 2/19
4:00 Nucingen House (Raúl Ruiz)
6:00 Accident (Soi Cheang)
8:00 Over the Edge (Jonathan Kaplan)

Saturday, 2/20
1:30 Accident
3:30 Godard Rarities (Jean-Luc Godard)
5:30 Perfect Life (Emily Tang)
7:30 Applause (Martin Zandvliet)
9:15 [Surprise Film]

Sunday, 2/21
1:00 Applause
3:00 The Revenge: A Visit from Fate (Kiroshi Kurosawa)
4:45 The Revenge: The Scar that Never Fades (Kiroshi Kurosawa)
6:30 Be Good (Sois Sage) (Juliette Garcias)
8:30 Nucingen House

Monday, 2/22
[No FCS Screenings]

Tuesday, 2/23
4:15 Be Good
6:15 Air Doll (Hirokazu Kore-eda)
8:45 Be Good

Wednesday, 2/24
4:00 Sombre (Philippe Grandrieux)
6:30 La vie nouvelle (Philippe Grandrieux)
9:00 Un lac (Philippe Grandrieux)

Thursday, 2/25
[No FCS Screenings]

Friday, 2/26
4:30 Persecution (Patrice Chéreau)
6:30 Kinatay (Brillante Mendoza)
8:40 Persecution

Saturday, 2/27
1:30 Air Doll
4:00 The Land of Madness (Luc Moullet)
6:00 Persecution
8:00 Tales from the Golden Age (Cristian Mungiu, Ioana Uricaru, Hanno Höfer, Razvan Marculescu, & Constantin Popescu)

Sunday, 2/28
1:30 A Brighter Summer Day (Edward Yang)
6:15 Be Good
8:15 Kinatay

Posted by acquarello on Jan 05, 2010 | | Filed under 2010


looks great, i can't wait. i wonder what tricks they have up their sleeve for the rest of it.

im a bit surprised that koreeda's new film is here. people ive asked about it have been trashing it all over the place. but maybe it's weird little masterpiece.

Posted by: sami on Jan 06, 2010 1:14 AM | Permalink

I'm wondering about the rest of the schedule too. I wonder if it's at all related to that mystery film on 2/20.I'm also hoping they don't wait until Thursday and make City of Life and Death just a closing film. I'm kinda looking forward to Air Doll. I'm hoping it's more unexpected than unformed.

Posted by: acquarello on Jan 06, 2010 8:28 AM | Permalink

I second that about AIR DOLL. And OVER THE EDGE is going to be a pretty amazing screening as well. I hope Matt Dillon shows up.

Do they typically fill in some of the slots with Berlinale titles? If so, Koji Wakamatsu's CATERPILLAR seems like a possibility.

Posted by: sami on Jan 25, 2010 4:52 PM | Permalink

Good question, Berlinale is probably too soon, Viennale is a possibility. They tend to be the overlooked stuff from last year that didn't make it into NYFF or the country-specific film programs.

Posted by: acquarello on Jan 25, 2010 8:57 PM | Permalink

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