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February 6, 2009

Rendez-vous With French Cinema: 2009 Line-up


The line-up for this year's Rendez-vous with French Cinema has been announced, and with the back to back programming with Film Comment Selects, it looks as though I'll have to make some tough planning choices on which films to catch on an extended weekend. Suffice it to say...help!


Paris 36 / Faubourg 36 (Christophe Barratier, 2008)
Alice Tully Hall: Thu Mar 5: 8:00pm


35 Shots of Rum / 35 Rhums Claire Denis, 2008)
Film Society of Lincoln Center: Fri Mar 13: 1:30pm
FSLC: Fri Mar 13: 6:15pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 15: 8:00pm
IFC Center: Thu Mar 12: 7:00pm

Mesrine Part 1 / Mesrine, L’instinct de mort (Jean-François Richet, 2008)
FSLC: Tue Mar 10: 6:15pm
FSLC: Sat Mar 14: 1:30pm

Mesrine Part 2 / Mesrine, L’ennemi public n° 1 (Jean-François Richet, 2008)
FSLC: Wed Mar 11: 6:00pm
FSLC: Sat Mar 14: 3:50pm


The Apprentice / L’apprenti (Samuel Collardey, 2008)
FSLC: Wed Mar 11: 3:45pm
FSLC: Thu Mar 12: 8:45pm
IFC: Mon Mar 9: 7:00pm

Bellamy (Claude Chabrol, 2009)
FSLC: Thu Mar 12: 3:45pm
FSLC: Sat Mar 14: 9:10pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 15: 1:00pm
IFC: Fri Mar 6: 9:30pm

Change of Plans / Le code a changé (Danièle Thompson, 2009)
FSLC: Fri Mar 6: 6:20pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 8: 8:45pm
FSLC: Mon Mar 9: 3:30pm
IFC: Sat Mar 7: 7:00pm

Eden Is West / Eden à l’ouest (Costa-Gavras, 2009)
FSLC: Sat Mar 7: 9:00pm
FSLC: Wed Mar 11: 1:30pm
IFC: Sun Mar 8: 4:00pm

The Joy of Singing / Le Plaisir de chanter (Ilan Duran Cohen, 2008)
FSLC: Sun Mar 8: 3:30pm
FSLC: Tue Mar 10: 1:00pm
IFC: Wed Mar 11: 7:00pm

The Other One / L’Autre (Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic, 2008)
FSLC: Wed Mar 11: 9:00pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 15: 5:30pm
IFC: Tue Mar 10: 7:00pm

Stella (Sylvie Verheyde, 2008)
FSLC: Thu Mar 12: 1:00pm
FSLC: Thu Mar 12: 6:15pm
IFC: Wed Mar 11: 9:30pm

Villa Amalia (Benoît Jacquot, 2009)
FSLC: Fri Mar 13: 8:45pm
FSLC: Sat Mar 14: 6:45pm
IFC: Thu Mar 12: 9:30pm

The Beaches of Agnès / Les Plages d’Agnès (Agnès Varda, 2008)
FSLC: Sat Mar 7: 1:30pm
FSLC: Mon Mar 9: 8:45pm

The Girl from Monaco / La Fille de Monaco (Anne Fontaine, 2008)
FSLC: Fri Mar 6: 1:00pm
FSLC: Sat Mar 7: 6:35pm
IFC: Sun Mar 8: 1:30pm

Séraphine (Martin Provost, 2008)
FSLC: Fri Mar 6: 8:45pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 8: 12:30pm
IFC: Sat Mar 7: 4:00pm

Versailles (Pierre Schoeller, 2008)
FSLC: Fri Mar 6: 3:30pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 8: 6:00pm
IFC: Sat Mar 7: 1:30pm

With a Little Help from Myself / Aide-toi, le ciel t’aidera (François Dupeyron, 2008)
FSLC: Sat Mar 7: 4:10pm
FSLC: Mon Mar 9: 1:00pm
FLSC: Mon Mar 9: 6:15pm
IFC: Fri Mar 6: 7:00pm

The Girl on the Train / La Fille du RER (André Téchiné, 2009)
FSLC: Tue Mar 10: 3:30pm
FSLC: Tue Mar 10: 9:10pm
IFC: Sun Mar 8: 6:45pm

France, 2008; 90m
Baby (Bébé, Clément Michel); New Skin (Peau neuve, Clara Elalouf); Good Night Malik (Bonne nuit Malik, Bruno Danan); The Fire, The Blood, The Stars (Le feu, le sang, les étoiles, Caroline Deruas); My Little Brother from the Moon (Mon petit frère est de la lune, Frédéric Philibert); and My Name Is Dominic (Tous les enfants s’appellent Dominique, Nicolas Silhol).
FSLC: Fri Mar 13: 4:00pm
FSLC: Sun Mar 15: 3:15pm

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Ah, so you'll get a crack at the Denis and Varda films, both easy and delightful. I'm curious about the new Benoît Jacquot -- he's a relatively new discovery for me. Paris 36 is screening here in a couple of weeks -- I'll report back.

Posted by: davis on Feb 07, 2009 2:15 AM | Permalink

Ack! That's actually my toughest decision since they're playing on separate weekends. I can either catch the Varda and the new Anne Fontaine, or the Denis and the Jacquot. I could make a second trip for the Denis, but with screenings on Friday or late Sunday, it still means taking more time off, which I'm reluctant to do for four weeks in a row. :(

Then again, if I get shut out of a bunch of opening weekend tickets (which tends to be crowded, especially since Alice Tully has just re-opened), I can always fall back to a Denis weekend, which is mighty fine by me. ;)

Posted by: acquarello [TypeKey Profile Page] on Feb 07, 2009 9:14 AM | Permalink

Ouch. Well, I decided to watch the Denis a second time at TIFF and was content with once for the Varda, so that'd be my leaning. It's smaller/simpler than her other recent films, but 35 Rhums holds up to repeated viewings. The Varda film is a nostalgic trip through her career with enjoyable anecdotes about Demy, living in Los Angeles, and hanging out with Jim Morrison. It's lots of fun but not something I've thought much about since. Either way, though, you can't go too wrong.

Posted by: davis on Feb 08, 2009 2:35 PM | Permalink

Okay, you've convinced me (not that I needed that much arm twisting). :) I'll make a second trip and catch the last screening of 35 Rhums on Sunday and head home Monday. At least that way, there's a week in between when I'm not traveling. It looks as though I can catch The Other One too, which seems pretty nondescript from these FSLC program notes, but who knows...

"When Anne-Marie (Dominique Blanc) discovers that her one-time lover Alex (Cyril Guei) is seeing someone else, awkwardness evolves into jealousy and obsession. Based on Annie Ernaux’s novel L’Occupation, Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic’s second film depicts Anne-Marie in constant motion—walking, running, in cars, buses, and trains—with no fixed place in her life. Part of the greatness of Blanc’s award-winning performance is that she continually pulls herself and the film back just when it appears that everything has finally gone over the edge."

Posted by: acquarello on Feb 08, 2009 5:34 PM | Permalink

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