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August 15, 2006

Writing Break/American Hardcore

newyorkthrash.gifIn anticipation of both Paul Rachman's documentary American Hardcore and a weeklong break/sanity check from writing (as well as making good on an emailed jest to Girish regarding its TIFF screening), here are a few sentimental favorites to whet the appetite...or prod into running to the nearest exit. The quick disclaimers are that I've only managed to finish archiving about a tenth of the collection so far, so these selected tracks are in no way intended to encompass the history of hardcore, and that there are a few explicit lyrics on some of the tracks.

Adrenaline O.D. - My Father's Dreams
Bad Brains - Regulator
Beastie Boys - Ode to....
Fiends - Asian White
Minor Threat - Stumped
The Undead - Life of Our Own

[Note:Preview mp3s will only be available for a week.]

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Acquarello: Did you ever get around to seeing "American Hardcore"? I would be interested in your thoughts.

Posted by: Maya on Nov 05, 2006 2:25 PM | Permalink

Hey Maya, unfortunately, I'm still waiting for an opportunity to catch this, especially since after your interview with the filmmakers, I'm itching to pick this film apart (he seems to have a pretty different perspective of the time, probably because he was part of the Boston scene, and I was part of the NY one).

For instance, I haven't seen Reagan Youth mentioned in any of the articles or interviews, so I don't know if they're featured. That would be a pretty big omission if that is, indeed, the case since that exactly places the "movement" within the political context of Reagan conservatism. I'd also be interested in how they document the "demise" of hardcore. Penelope Spheeris does a decent job in The Decline of Western Civilization, but it's definitely L.A.-centric, and Henry Rollins is shown as too much of a poster boy for the whole thing; I was never a big fan of Black Flag, so as big they had become, I don't consider him the voice of my generation.

I'd really like to see a film show the overexposure - or commercialization - of hardcore, which is what soured a lot of us from the social culture (although not the subversive ideology) by '87-88: salacious stuff like a Quincy M.D. episode on the "health risk" of slamming, and a "what if one of these kids were yours" Phil Donahue talk show episode where kids alternately tried to shock and rationalize the culture. It just became one giant, ridiculous freak show circus.

Posted by: acquarello on Nov 05, 2006 7:33 PM | Permalink

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